Freddie Mac charges a Gold Rush® fee for the use of 1-,2-, 3- or 4-day settlement cycles. Gold Rush fee rates are based on the duration of the settlement cycle you select for your Fixed-Rate Guarantor, WAC ARM Guarantor or MultiLender Swap transactions. The 2-day settlement cycle is available only for Guarantor contracts. The 1-day settlement cycle is available only for MultiLender Swap contracts.

The Gold Rush fee rates in Loan Selling Advisor correlate with the number of days in the settlement cycle, so you can continue to take advantage of the enhanced income stream you receive from getting your securities earlier, while having more flexibility in your settlement cycle.

Gold Rush fee rates for accelerated settlement cycles are available through Loan Selling Advisor, on the Guarantor Rate Sheet results screen under the Credit Fees section, if applicable. These fee rates are subject to change based on market conditions.