Resolve® is an integrated end-to-end default management solution that uses automation and seamless integration to deliver rapid, rules-based workout decisions to Servicers based on their input. Resolve provides transparency, simplicity and increased speed to market for loss mitigation and mortgage assistance.

Servicers can access with Resolve’s user interface (UI) via Servicing Gateway or directly integrate with Resolve through application programming interfaces (APIs).

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Add Synergy to Servicing with Resolve APIs

Fifth Third Bank discovered that integrating the entire Resolve API suite offers the biggest digital impact as the APIs’ capabilities continue to expand. Leveraging this technology creates a logical workflow to quickly assist homeowners.

Discover Resolve

Simple, transparent, connected

  • Speed to market: 3-5 seconds for workout eligibility decisions
  • Reduced risk: Seller/Servicer Guide driven decisions
  • Clarity: Concise and actionable messages
Data Integration and Insights
  • Integration optionality: User interface, API development/integration
  • Less data: Overall 50% less data points required
  • Transparency: Status and tracking of workouts
Borrower Outcomes
  • Fast and reliable mortgage assistance
  • Reduced documentation and overall touch points

Current capabilities include:

Access Resolve from Servicing Gateway to:

  • Submit and manage payment deferrals
  • Submit and manage Flex Modification and Short Sale requests
  • Submit forbearance extension requests
  • Upload and track FHA/VA/RHS loans for settlement

Access Resolve via the APIs to:

  • Maximize efficiencies when submitting and managing workout requests (payment deferral, Flex Modification, Short Sale, and receive MNP values)

Read the latest release summary.

Expect innovation

Resolve releases capabilities iteratively. Check the product timeline for updates on planned capabilities.

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