Your one-stop shop for your contract needs. From start to finish, use Loan Selling Advisor® to manage all aspects of pricing your Guarantor and MultiLender contracts.


  • Fast and easy access to all your pricing information – all in one location.
  • Multiple users can view and print pricing information at the same time using the Rate Sheet Results screen.
  • Option to export your Guarantor pricing in XML format, which may be directly uploaded into your pricing or best execution systems.
  • Intuitive navigation.
  • Ability to price multiple contracts with the import contracts feature, saving time and eliminating errors.

Training Resources

Use the following resources to guide you through the Guarantor and MultiLender pricing and contracting process:

Technical Resources

Export Guarantor Rate Sheet XML Format Interface Specification (NEW Version 1.0.2, Effective April 26, 2021). Use this technical specification in conjunction with the other integration resources on this page to develop the Export Guarantor Rate Sheet interface between your system and Loan Selling Advisor.

  • Sample Files (NEW Version 1.0.2, Effective April 26, 2021). The sample files help you understand what to expect in your output files when you are exporting from the Guarantor Rate Sheet in Loan Selling Advisor.

Opening the Exported XML files from Guarantor Rate Sheet

Extensible Markup Language (XML) files are highly compatible with many commonly used business applications. You have several options to open and view the XML files produced by Loan Selling Advisor's Guarantor Rate Sheet. After saving the exported XML files to a local drive, you can open in the existing XML format by double clicking on the saved file, or you can open in Excel using the following steps:

  • Open Excel and browse to open the XML file.
  • Select the XML file you wish to open.
  • When prompted in the pop-up window, select "As an XML table" to open the file.
  • Click "OK."

Import Guarantor Contracts XML Format Interface Specification – NEW Version 1.0.6, Effective September 20, 2021. Use this specification document to develop the Import Guarantor Contracts interface between your system and Loan Selling Advisor.

Implementation Guide for Loan Selling Advisor Export – Sellers – Updated December 7, 2020. This specification describes the changes to new and existing export file datasets and formats that are available from Loan Selling Advisor.