Today, the Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD) Phase 3A edits and the Qualified Mortgage Short Reset ARM APR Percent data point transition to critical in Loan Closing Advisor®.

As a reminder, on April 11, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae (the GSEs) announced the division of the Phase 3 critical edits into Phase 3A and Phase 3B subsets, which gives you additional time to work with your software provider and analyze your data to resolve high-firing Phase 3 edits.

  • Phase 3A transitions to critical TODAY, May 1, 2023. 
  • Phase 3B will transition to critical on November 6, 2023. 

Note: The QM Short Reset ARM APR Percent data point is required for all ARMs meeting the definition on and after May 1, 2023.
Review the Loan Closing Advisor Release Notes for changes related to Phase 3A and 3B. 


To ensure you met the Phase 3A May 1, 2023 mandate and will meet the Phase 3B November 6, 2023 critical edits transition dates, we are posting new and updated UCD resources: