Now more than ever, it’s essential to capture the business of each unique type of borrower to keep pace in today’s market. Our latest enhancement to Loan Product Advisor® (LPA℠) asset and income modeler (AIM) for income is here to grow your digital toolbox to boost self-employed underwriting.

AIM for Income Evolves with Tax Transcripts

Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide (Guide) Bulletin 2023-16 announced that AIM for income is expanding to include tax transcripts in the income assessment for borrowers who report income on IRS Form Schedule C. You’ll be able to focus on more borrowers and easily serve a subset of borrowers who are typically more complex to underwrite.

latptop AIM Tax

It’s simple. With borrower authorization, you can request tax transcripts (for sole proprietorship) directly from the IRS via a third-party provider. Then, submit the report ID to LPA and let AIM do the calculation work.

borrows AIM Tax

It’s effective. Digitization cuts out traditional paperwork needed, lowers costs for you and the borrower and requires less input to speed up the income assessment.

protect AIM Tax

It’s secure.Verified and accurate tax data minimizes risk for all involved. Verified data means less rejections and that can potentially provide you with representation and warranty relief. AIM gives you confidence that you’re delivering loans that align with Freddie Mac purchase eligibility requirements.


How to Get Started

Halcyon is the initial AIM service provider to support AIM for income using tax transcripts.

  • If you’re interested in signing up, contact Halcyon.
  • If you’re using other service providers, contact your Freddie Mac representative.

Note: Seller/Servicers must conduct their own evaluations of, and make their own business decision to select, an AIM provider and assume the risk of any such decision.

Review the associated LPA feedback messages here.

Training and Resources

Check out the resources below for additional help on getting started with AIM for income using tax transcripts.

We’re Aiming for More in the Future

AIM for income using tax transcripts is our first step to how we’ll continue to expand the income data sources so you can serve more qualified borrowers with a more seamless mortgage process.