On June 27, 2023, we’re making updates to Loan Closing Advisor® edits and feedback messages related to Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD) Phase 3B Critical Edits, which will transition to critical on November 6, 2023. The changes will be implemented in the Loan Closing Advisor customer test environment (CTE) on June 22 and in production on June 27.


Loan Closing Advisor will be updated with the following on June 27:

  • Additional Fee Enumerations – Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae (the GSEs) aligned on the addition of fee enumerations in sections B. Services Borrower Did Not Shop For and C. Services Borrower Did Shop For. Loan Closing Advisor will the be updated with the following fee enumerations:
Closing Disclosure (CD) Section Fee Type Enumeration
B. Services Borrower Did Not Shop For
  • AttorneyFee
C. Services Borrower Did Shop For
  • MunicipalLienCertificateFee
  • ReconvevanceFee
  • TaxRelatedServiceFee
  • Edit Modifications - Review Loan Closing Release Notes which include edits and messages that are being modified, added or removed for Phase 3B.

In addition, as a reminder, we have updated the resources below to help you prepare your systems:


To ensure you will meet the Phase 3B November 6, 2023 critical edits transition mandate, we have posted the below UCD resources:


For more information on the UCD critical edits transition, visit the Freddie Mac UCD web page. Please contact your Freddie Mac representative for assistance or submit your questions to [email protected].