Host: Monica La Crue, Affordable Lending Manager, Single-Family Mission and Community Engagement, Freddie Mac

Opening Remarks: Carmen Mercado, Director, Single-Family Affordable Lending, Freddie Mac

Discover Freddie Mac’s role as a critical member of the housing industry as a strategic trusted advisor for positions within the ecosystem, building awareness, providing education, insights, innovative mortgage solutions and technology and resources.

Understand why we value the role of real estate professionals (REPs) working with lenders and other housing professionals to serve our joint mission of advancing affordable homeownership nationwide.

Keynote: Nuria Rivera, Founder/CEO, Novation Title and Insurance Agency

Realize the importance of business, culture and community in the real estate professional’s business strategy to engage current and prospective clients. Build referral pipeline partners based on understanding the nuanced opportunities, challenges and preference across communities of colors.