What is Forbearance?

Forbearance is a relief option for borrowers experiencing a short-term or long-term hardship. There are different types of forbearance plans available depending on the borrower’s hardship. 

All forbearance plans consist of a written agreement that allows the borrower to skip or reduce their monthly mortgage payment for a specified period of time.  

Forbearance plans Standard Forbearance Disaster Forbearance COVID-19 Forbearance
Occupancy Type Primary residence All occupancy types All occupancy types
Length of Forbearance Period Up to 12 months delinquency Up to 12 months Up to 12 months. Extensions in up to a total of 18 months are available for borrowers who were on a COVID-19  forbearance plan before March 1, 2021 and have not resolved their hardship.
Delinquency Requirements Total delinquency may not exceed 12 months Total delinquency may not exceed 12 months Maximum term of 18 months or maximum delinquency of 18 months, whichever is shorter
Borrower Contact Requirements QRPC required Servicer has the option to grant 90-day non-QRPC forbearance if loan in eligible disaster area AND becomes delinquent after disaster. QRPC required