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Rural Research Symposium Insight Videos

Rural Research Symposium 2022 Video Presentations

Market Watch: Housing Trends

As part of our signature session, expert economists highlight the latest macroeconomic trends affecting the housing market.

  • Sam Khater, Vice President and Chief Economist, Economic & Housing Research – Freddie Mac  
  • Selma Hepp, Executive, Research & Insights; Interim Lead of the Office of the Chief Economist - CoreLogic

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Mapping the Way: Rural Homeownership

From the lens of specific geographic focus, speakers take a deep dive into the current strengths, gaps and possible solutions to solve for challenges in rural economies and rural households.

  • Emily Burleson, Research & Advocacy Project Manager – Partners for Rural Transformation
  • Katy Stigers, Vice President of Research - Fahe
  • Michael Hicks, Director of the Center for Business and Economic Research - Ball State University
  • Dagney Faulk, Director of Research in the Center for Business and Economic Research - Ball State University
  • Emily Wornell, Assistant Director of Center for Local and State Policy – Ball State University
  • Jaya Dey, Principal Economist, Quantitative Analytics Director – Freddie Mac

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Exploring Sustainability: Housing and Environmental Risks

Speakers explore research on the impact of natural disasters on migration and housing, and policies to overcome market barriers to create more energy-efficient and sustainable homeownership opportunities.

  • Wesley Miller, Senior Research Associate Texas Real Estate Research Center – Texas A&M University  
  • Cara Clase, Ph.D. Candidate and Energy Insecurity Researcher – University of Delaware 
  • Ajita Atreya, Senior Economist – Freddie Mac
  • Ryan Vaughn, Director of Climate Change Analytics and Research – Freddie Mac

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Keynote Address | The Injustice of Place: Uncovering the Legacy of Poverty and Housing Hardship in America

Keynote speaker, Kathryn Edin, discusses the impact of historic and current poverty challenges, inequalities in housing, infrastructure and education and other economic patterns.

  • Kathryn Edin, Professor of Sociology - Princeton University School of Public and International Affairs
  • Cindy Waldron, Vice President, Affordable Lending Research & Analytics – Freddie Mac

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Into the Future: Manufactured Housing Opportunities

Speakers cover key data sources on the future of manufactured and factory-built housing and the intersection of policy, demographics and the manufactured housing market.   

  • Lesli Gooch, Chief Executive Officer – Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI)
  • Helen Banga, Economist - Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)
  • Elena Falcettoni, Senior Economist - Federal Reserve Board
  • Astou Aw, Quantitative Analytics Senior – Freddie Mac
  • Lariece Brown, Quantitative Analytics Senior Director – Freddie Mac

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Housing Affordability: Rural Rental Markets

Speakers review factors influencing affordability, particularly relevant for rental housing opportunity and rural households.

  • Sierra Latham, Senior Research Analyst – Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
  • Andew Jakabovics, Vice President, Policy Development – Enterprise Community Partners
  • Sara Hoffmann, Multifamily Investments & Portfolio Management Director – Freddie Mac
  • Steve Guggenmos, Vice President, Multifamily Research & Modeling – Freddie Mac

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