Vendor Systems Supporting eMortgages

Freddie Mac completed a basic security and technical review of the vendor systems below to save time for Seller/Servicers seeking to get approved to do eMortgage business with Freddie Mac. With this list, Seller/Servicers can reach out directly to learn more about available products and services.

Important Note: Before Seller/Servicers can begin using any of the vendor systems below to originate and deliver eMortgages to Freddie Mac, they need to conduct the appropriate due diligence review of their systems.

Vendors: To complete the Freddie Mac review and to be included on this list, please contact the Freddie Mac eMortgage team at [email protected].

VendoreClosingeVaulteNoteVendor Contact
Amrock LLCYesYes*Yes*
Jessica Hahn
Product Manager
[email protected]
Office: 844-913-1386
Black KnightYesYes*Yes*
Andy Crisenbery
Senior Vice President, Managing Director
Office: 513-612-5928
eClose Team
Digital DeliveryYesYesYes
Lori Stacy
Chief Knowledge Officer
Office: 972-720-3263
Mobile: 214-402-3054
Chris Lewis
Director, Technology Solutions
Office: 904-607-9920 
DocuSign Inc.YesYes*Yes*
John Asermely
Senior Director
Real Estate and Digital Closing
Susan McRae
Senior Director
Business Development
Office: 617-510-5671
DocutechYesYesYesJamie Mottern
SVP, Partners & Strategy
[email protected]
Mobile: 618-977-0248

Eric Gilbert
Chief Technology Officer
[email protected]
Office: 800-798-4488

Stacey Maisano
Director of Business Relations
[email protected]

eOriginalYesYesYesDigital Mortgage Team
[email protected]
Office: 866-935-1776
EscrowTab YesYesYes
EscrowTab eClosing Team
[email protected]
Office: 602-834-5426
ICE Mortgage TechnologyYesYesYes
ICE Mortgage Technology
eClose Team
Office: 888-955-9100
IDS Sales Team
Office: 800-554-1872
OneSpan Sign
eMortgage Team
Office: 312-766-4001
Notarize, Inc.YesYes*Yes*Eddie Oddo
VP, Real Estate Strategy & Industry Affairs
[email protected]
Office: 714-263-6385
NotaryCam Inc.YesYes*Yes*Brian Webster
[email protected]
Mobile: 410-564-4368
PavasoYesYesYesJay Hollis
SVP – Product Strategy
[email protected]
SimpleNexusYes*Yes*Yes*John Aslanian 
[email protected]
Office: 855-684-2774
Simply Secure SignYes  
Jason Streit
[email protected]
Office: 866-546-1880
SitusAMC Yes 
Andrew Reynolds
Product Owner - Custody Products
Office: 716-650-7151
Snapdocs Sales
Office: 833-762-7362
Angel R. Hernandez
EVP Corporate Affairs

The vendors below have not completed Freddie Mac’s security and technical review.

Vendor eClosing eVault eNote Vendor Contact
Gregg & Valby, LLP Yes     Gregg & Valby, LLP 
Digital Mortgage Team
[email protected]
Office: 713-960-1377

* Available through partnerships with one or more third-party vendors listed on this page and may or may not require separate contracts with each provider.

The vendors above agreed to be included on this list. Their inclusion does not constitute an endorsement, nor does it imply a recommendation by Freddie Mac.

For more information on getting approved to provide eMortgage solutions, contact the eMortgage team at [email protected].

Freddie Mac makes no representations or warranties with respect to any listed vendor. Seller/Servicers must make their own business decision to select a vendor and assume the risk of any such decision.