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Distributor Network

The Home Value Suite is licensed and serviced through a distributor network. Each distributor provides unique value-adds with distinct pricing, packaged products, reseller networks, and/or service commitments.

For more information about the Home Value Suite or for a list of resellers, contact the distributors listed below:

Accurate Group, LLC
Frank Guarnera
(216) 672-3608
[email protected]

Black Knight
Greg Hoffman
(916) 824-5190
[email protected]

CBC Companies
Kyle Mckee
(412) 503-9571
[email protected]

Clear Capital 
David Newell
(530) 550-5909
[email protected]

John Lovell
(703) 817-5682
[email protected]

Equifax Mortgage Services
Ray Semple
(847) 212-9742[email protected]

First American Mortgage Solutions 
Karisa Nadermann
(654) 468-2360
[email protected]

Mercury Network | CoreLogic (Platinum Data)
Craig Zielazny
(937) 902-0266
[email protected]

Real Info, Inc.
Erin Walsh
(716) 608-4370, ext. 117
[email protected]

Veros Real Estate Solutions
(866) 458-3767, option 2
[email protected]