A new feature in Condo Project Advisor® will help communication flow faster and easier than ever with new notifications.

Integration of Notifications Enhancement is Now Live

As of March 4, 2024, the Project Certified Submission (PCS) process in Condo Project Advisor® was enhanced with the Loan Advisor notifications feature. As a result, you’ll now promptly be notified by a bell and email when there’s a PCS status change, an additional information request or a comment posted by a Freddie Mac Analyst. You’ll also have the ability to download pipeline details as a Microsoft Excel file from the PCS pipeline page. These enhancements will add efficiency to the PCS process.

Access Training and Tutorials

For additional info, access to on-demand videos, tutorials, references tools and live webinar opportunities, please review our Condo Project Advisor release notes FAQs and training resources. Learn more about the new integration of notifications, Not Eligible status, as well as more features in Condo Project Advisor that can help you bring transparency to your condo loan originations.

Not Using Condo Project Advisor? Get Started Today

If you’re not using Condo Project Advisor, we encourage you to do so. You’ll get insight into the eligibility of your condo loans earlier in the origination process. Ask your organization’s Access Manager administrator to get you access today – or if you’re an administrator, request access for your organization through Access Manager.