Seamless visibility into the end-to-end claims process for Servicers. Fast, accurate responses and a decrease in manual and duplicative processes for mortgage insurance (MI) companies. Transparency into tri-party communication for both. These are some of the compelling features of Total MI Claims, the second tool of the Total MISM suite. This new tool simplifies and improves collaboration between MI companies, Servicers and Freddie Mac, ensuring better outcomes for all.

Now Available for Servicers

The tool is available via the Servicing Gateway for Servicers to view claim details for loans with private MI through Essent, MGIC and Enact – with more MI companies joining soon. Administrators can grant user permissions through Access Manager.


Servicers can leverage a customizable search filter, view a workflow that shows the sequence of claim and billing details and easily communicate about a claim’s status. Total MI Claims:

  • Eases claim resolution for loans you service by allowing you to search, review details, upload documentation and comment as needed.
  • Reduces research required since claim results and amounts billed are in a simple format.
  • Facilitates understanding the rationale of how billed amounts were determined.

How it Works

Accessing Total MI Claims takes you to the Search Claims page, where you can search for a specific loan and view related claim activity. The full transparency of a claim lifecycle is designated by up to six “metro stops” depending on the loan, each which outlines details about a particular part of the claim status timeline:

  • Loan Information shows the loan number, status and associated property address.
  • Claim Trigger lists the date and event that triggered the claim submission and provides a place for tri-party comments.
  • Initial Claim provides an overview of the claim amount, claim options (percentage or net proceeds), claimable items and expense information.
  • Supplemental Claim, if applicable, shows expenses incurred since the initial claim file date.
  • Claim Results gives a full snapshot of claims activities, payment amounts from MI company, Freddie Mac analysis adjustment process based on the claim review, and any supplemental claims.
  • Servicer Billing, if applicable, includes Servicer transfer history based on the loan, and the rationale for arriving at a billed amount.

An MI company’s billable amounts will be reflected on a Servicer’s eBill invoice and users are notified if they are billed an amount as part of a claim. Total MI Claims outlines the breakdown and explanation of each billed amount in a clear way that allows for swift resolution.

Getting Started

  • Administrators can set up user access via Access Manager. For detailed instructions, refer to this job aid.
  • For managing claim billing reconciliation, also request access to eBill, specifically the ‘MI Curtailment Fee on NPL01’ billing line.
  • Once credentials have been provided, access the tool by logging into Servicing Gateway.

Freddie Mac will continue to enhance Total MI Claims driven by client and partner insights and feedback. As future capabilities and other Total MI solutions go to market, we will be closer to a more connected housing ecosystem.