Depending on the context, being “sharp” can imply precision, astuteness or the ability to be quick-thinking. These traits are fitting to describe the 2023 winners of Freddie Mac’s annual Servicer Honors and Rewards Program (SHARP)sm, organizations that continuously navigate industry challenges and market fluctuations to respond to homeowners. Each year, the SHARP awards recognize Servicers that exceled in demonstrating superior servicing for the previous year by focusing on outstanding customer service and positive efforts to prevent and alleviate loan delinquencies.

“SHARP is a unique opportunity for Freddie Mac to highlight the outstanding work undertaken by our Servicers,” says Bill Maguire, Vice President, Single-Family Portfolio Management. “This year’s winners represent the best of the best in the industry, and these outstanding mortgage professionals work tirelessly to help Freddie Mac achieve excellent portfolio results.”

The SHARP awards acknowledge quality servicing, risk management and sustainable homeownership. SHARP enables eligible Servicers to receive annual rewards and recognition based on the performance of their Servicer Success Scorecard; annual ranking determines who represents the top portfolio performance for last year. Leveraging our Servicer Success Scorecard to foster competition provides another means to encourage high performance and help build relationships; it also allows Servicers to identify areas of risk across their portfolios.

Servicers with more than 20,000 Freddie Mac master-serviced loans are automatically enrolled in SHARP, which provides incentives through rewards and recognition.

We’re pleased to announce the 2023 SHARP Award Winners:

Servicers servicing 200,000 or more Freddie Mac mortgages:

  • Gold: Pennymac® Corporation
  • Silver: Mr. Cooper®
  • Bronze: Matrix Financial Services Corporation, subserviced by RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing LLC and Flagstar Bank

Servicers servicing between 75,000 and 199,999 Freddie Mac mortgages:

  • Gold: Marlin Mortgage Capital LLC, subserviced by Mr. Cooper, Valon Mortgage and ServiceMac
  • Silver: Nexus Nova LLC, subserviced by New AmericanTM Funding, Freedom Mortgage®, Service Mac and Flagstar Bank
  • Bronze: Arvest Bank

Servicers servicing between 20,000 and 74,999 Freddie Mac mortgages:

  • Gold: Colonial Savings, FA
  • Silver: Union Savings Bank
  • Bronze: MSR Asset Vehicle LLC, subserviced by PHH® Mortgage

Freddie Mac will continue to recognize the winners and their success stories throughout the year. As Maguire puts it, “This group of winning Servicers has remained steadfast in their efforts to respond swiftly to provide creative solutions for homeowners in need and promote sustainability homeownership.”