To better serve the needs of Native American, Alaskan Native and New Mexican Pueblo home buyers, we now offer Section 184 Native American Mortgages guaranteed by HUD. Mac purchases these mortgages from lenders that have obtained Freddie Mac approval.

Section 184 Native American Mortgages may be secured by 1-to 4-unit primary residences that may be either owner-occupied or leasehold estates located on both fee simple and restricted lands. These mortgages must be sold to Freddie Mac with recourse through the Fixed-rate Guarantor, Fixed-rate Cash, or MultiLender Swap sale options available in Loan Selling Advisor®.

Use Section 184 Native American Mortgages to offer mortgages to Native Americans on property with unique title situations, meet Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) goals, where applicable and increase homeownership opportunities in a traditionally underserved market.