The Financed Permanent Buydown Mortgage lowers borrowers' monthly payments without requiring additional cash at closing.

With this offering, your borrowers can permanently reduce their interest rate by financing up to three discount points into the loan amount for fixed-rate mortgages and 5/6-Month, 7/6-Month, and 10/6-Month ARMs. By financing the discount points up front, the interest rate can be up to 75 basis points lower than prevailing market rates.

By combining a Financed Permanent Buydown Mortgage with other flexible Freddie Mac mortgage products, more borrowers can qualify for larger mortgage amounts. For refinance borrowers, a Financed Permanent Buydown Mortgage may be an exceptional option to refinance from high interest-rate loans to below-market interest rates.

Use Financed Permanent Buydown Mortgages to offer better rates and lower payments to your borrowers and retain more borrowers while providing an attractive refinance option for borrowers with ARMs that are adjusting to higher rates, to minimize payment shock.