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Freddie Mac Housing Solutions

We are committed to leading innovative approaches and driving collaboration with industry partners to tackle some of the toughest housing challenges

Focused on Finding Solutions

Freddie Mac has the unique capability to provide breadth and scale across the housing industry. We can drive improvements across each stage in the lifecycle of a community and homeowner journey by combining our insights and solutions with that of industry partners. We view this as our responsibility and an exciting challenge that enables us to contribute to the industry and families nationwide.

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Solving for Housing Challenges

When it comes to tackling the toughest housing challenges, the dedicated Housing Solutions team utilizes data and insights to pinpoint strategic markets for implementation of test and learn programs to mitigate against identified challenges or to leverage opportunities. Collaboration with broad traditional and non-traditional market partners and pooling of expertise, effort and community reach allows for the conceptualization and execution of new approaches and innovative solutions. These proof-of-concept programs within targeted markets furthers our goal of applying learnings and best practices to enable refinement and expansion to additional markets or nationwide.  

Freddie Mac is dedicated to lead efforts to keep the conversation going, the ongoing identification of new, data-driven solutions and the expansion and scale of successful programs.


Foreclosure Prevention​

Identify new partners and tactics to provide homeowners in need with educational resources within communities.


Prep Future Homebuyers​

Provide educational opportunities, solutions, resources and community connections to inform future homeowners and keep families on the path to sustaintable homeownership.


Make Home Possible​

Explore ways to preserve a borrower's ability to achieve the dream of homeownership and build generational wealth in underserved communities.


Preserve Affordable Housing​

Preserve ongoing affordable housing supply through neighborhood revitalization, rehabilitation of distressed properties and integration of non-profit partners.


Create Affordable Housing​

Support traditional and non-traditional local housing ecosystem to establish affordable alternatives and financing opportunities.


Drive Equitable Housing​

Empower the dream of equality in housing with work to specifically address homeownership gaps in communities of color.

Follow Us on Our Journey

Driving Innovation

The image reflects how Freddie Mac can leverage broad subject matter expertise, scale and strength of industry partnerships to create opportunities within every step of the lifecycle of a community.

Infographic showing the homebuyers journey from start to finish