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Collateral Valuation Partners to Support ACE+ PDR

Freddie Mac works with the below partners to provide our mutual clients with the resources needed to support our collateral valuation options. The partners listed below support our dataset and integration requirements for the Property Data Report (PDR).

We work with each partner to test that its solution has been developed in accordance with our requirements. All partners on this list have been verified by Freddie Mac. Please note that, in so doing, Freddie Mac does not endorse any particular partner and makes no representations or warranties regarding the suitability or performance of any partner technology solution. Each seller or partner must perform its own due diligence and make its own business decision regarding which partner best meets its needs. We will update this list as partners add verified interfaces to their systems. If you would like to be added to this list, please contact [email protected].

*Indicates a 3rd party is being used.

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PartnersSupports PDRPDR VersionIntegrated with bACE APIOrder Management Platform that Supports PDR
@home VMSYesUPD v1.0Yes 
1st National Appraisal SourceYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
AAA Appraisal Management CompanyYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
A1 AMCYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Absolute Value ManagementYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Accelerated AMCYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Accurate Group - AppraisalWorksYesUPD v1.0YesYes
Accurate Group - GroundWorksYesUPD v1.0Yes 
ACT AppraisalYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
AIM-PortYes*UPD v1.0 Yes
Allstate AppraisalYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Aloft AppraisalYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
AMC Settlement ServicesYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
American Reporting CompanyYes*PDR v2.0Yes* 
Anow, a Voxtur CompanyYes*PDR v2.0  
Apple Appraisal, a division of Trident Services, LLCYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Appraisal LinksYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Appraisal LinxYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Appraisal Management SpecialistsYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Appraisal MCYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Appraisal NationYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Appraisal ScoutYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Appraisal ValetYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Appraisal VisionYes*UPD v1.0Yes*Yes
AppraisalfloYes*  Yes
AppraisalTekYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Appraiser VendorYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Arivs, a Division of PropertyRateYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Ascribe, a division of Trident Services, LLCYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
AsteroomYesUPD v1.0Yes 
Axis Appraisal Management SolutionsYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Beacon Property Data Collection ServicesYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Broad Street Valuations, Inc.Yes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
CAPTURE Data ServicesYesUPD v1.0Yes 
Change AppraisalsYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Class ValuationYesUPD v1.0Yes 
Clear CapitalYesUPD v1.0Yes 
ClearValue ConsultingYesUPD v1.0YesYes
Community Bank Real Estate SolutionsYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
ConneXionsYes*PDR v2.0 Yes
Consolidated AnalyticsYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
CoreLogic - AppraisalScopeYes*  Yes
CoreLogic - FNCYes*  Yes
CoreLogic - Mercury NetworkYes*  Yes
Corporate Settlement SolutionsYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
DART AppraisalYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Equity Solutions USAYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Equity Valuation PartnersYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
eValuation ZoneYesUPD v1.0Yes 
FastappYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Financial Dimensions, Inc.Yes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
First American Mortgage SolutionsYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
First Source AppraisalYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Frisco Lender ServicesYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Guardian Asset Management / eStreet AMCYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Heartland ValuationYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Home Value Real EstateYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Integration 4.0Yes*UPD v1.0Yes*Yes
Integrity Appraisal ManagementYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
International Valuation Group (IVG)Yes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
IREM SolutionsYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Lenders Valuation ServiceYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
LenderXYes*UPD v1.0 Yes
Market Valuation ServicesYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Momentum Appraisal GroupYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Mosaic Valuation ServiceYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
MuellerYesUPD v1.0Yes 
Nadlan ValuationYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Nationwide Appraisal Network (NAN)Yes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Nationwide Property & Appraisal Services, LLC.Yes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
North Atlantic Appraisal CompanyYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
OpteonYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
PCV MurcorYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Premier Home AppraisalsYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
PropertyRateYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Property SciencesYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
ProxyPicsYesUPD v1.0Yes 
ServiceLinkYes*UPD v1.0Yes 
SettlementOne Valuation, a Division of PropertyRateYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
SingleSource Property SolutionsYesUPD v1.0Yes* 
Solidifi Inc.Yes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Stewart Valuation IntelligenceYesUPD v1.0Yes 
Suntender ValuationsYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
SWBC LendingYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Thomas Appraisal Corp.Yes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
TriservYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
True FootageYes*PDR v2.0  
Universal Real Estate ServicesYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Valligent, a Veros Software CompanyYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Valuation ConnectYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Valuation Services AMCYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
ValueLinkYes*UPD v1.0  
ValuTracYesUPD v1.0 Yes
ValuTrust SolutionsYes*UPD v1.0Yes* 
Voxtur Appraisal ServicesYesUPD v1.0Yes 
Xactus Appraisal FirewallYesUPD v1.0Yes*Yes