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UCount® Reporting Tips and Tricks

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  1. What are the Recommended Web Browsers?

    Please note that Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge are not recommended when accessing UCount. Performance will not be optimal if these browsers are used. Recommended browsers include:

    • Google Chrome version 75 or higher (lesser versions not recommended)
    • Firefox version 52 and higher (lesser versions not recommended)
  2. Unable to Gain Access?

    If you are unable to access the system, please follow the steps below to address access issues.

    1. Ensure you are using a recommended web browser: Chrome or Firefox
    2. Ensure you have bookmarked the correct URL:
    3. If your organization utilizes Freddie Mac Access Manager to manage user access to Freddie Mac systems, please contact your Access Manager Administrator to ensure you still have access.
    4. If your organization does not leverage Freddie Mac Access Manager, please contact the Freddie Mac Customer Contact Support Center (800-FREDDIE).
  3. You’ve Accessed the System and You’re Not Seeing Data?

    If you have successfully logged into the system, but you’re not seeing any data on the screen, try each of the following steps in order (until you are able to see data):

    1. Ensure you are using one of the recommended web browsers (Google Chrome and Firefox are preferred)
    2. Refresh your web browser
    3. Clear the cache (see instructions for clearing the cache below) and try to access the system again. If the issue persists, try the following:
      • If the issue persists, select the User Name in the upper right section of the page and log out from there. Then open a new session of Google Chrome, clear the cache and log back in.
      • If you still can’t access the system, contact 1-800-FREDDIE and select option 4.


    Instructions to clear the cache:
    • Google Chrome
    1. Click the Organize button (three vertical dots) in top right corner of the browser screen.
    2. Select “More Tools” from the drop-down list.
    3. Select “Clear Browsing Data”.
    4. Select all check boxes available.
    5. Click “Clear data”.
    • Firefox
    1. Click the “Open menu” icon (three horizontal lines) on the top right corner of the browser screen.
    2. Select “Options” from the drop-down menu.
    3. Select “Privacy and Security” from the list of options on the right side of the screen.
    4. Scroll to the “Cookies and Site Data” section and select “Clear Data”.
    5. Ensure all boxes are checked in the pop-up modal that appears and click “Clear” and then “Clear Now”.
  4. Preparing and Submitting the Annual Certification Report in UCount®

    When you enter UCount, you will see a dashboard, which will give you a high-level view of your organization’s information (i.e., your assigned risk analyst and their contact details, status of reports in progress or filed, and the ability to initiate your annual certification and change and activity reports).

    UCount will allow you to open your annual certification report the day following your fiscal year end. You will receive reminders as the report due date approaches and late notices if your annual certification report is not submitted by the due date. From your dashboard, you will be able to add and/or change recipients for these notices.

    When you open your annual certification report, you will be taken to a summary screen, where you will be able to select links to access and complete each of the individual sections of the report, which include:

    • Identification
    • Assigned Numbers
    • Parents, Subsidiaries and Other Institutional Relationships
    • Key Contacts
    • Document Custodian
    • Funds Custodian
    • Questionnaire

    Excluding the Questionnaire section, many of the report sections will be pre-populated with data and information that Freddie Mac is tracking for your organization and will only require your review to ensure the information is accurate.

    You will be required to validate or edit the data in each of the individual sections. You can save your data and exit at any time. Once each section contains accurate information for report submission, click the ‘Complete’ button at the top of the page for the section. The status of each section will be reflected on the summary screen.

    Once each of the report sections is marked complete (the status bar for each section is green on the summary screen), you will need to have the authorized representative for your organization login to UCount and complete the Annual Report Certification and the Voluntary Termination Agreement, if applicable, based on data you enter in the assigned numbers section of the report. NOTE: Marking sections as ‘Complete’ does not submit the data for those sections to Freddie Mac; all forms must be ‘Complete’, and Certifications/Agreements must be e-Signed (i.e., marked complete) prior to being able to ‘Submit to Freddie Mac’.

    You can return to sections previously marked as complete and re-open them for editing, if needed. Once you’ve made the updates, mark the section as ‘Complete’ at the top of the page. If an update is made to any section after the certification is complete but prior to submission to Freddie Mac, the certification section of the report will revert to incomplete and the authorized signer will have to re-sign prior to submission. Once the report is submitted, it cannot be modified.

  5. Unable to Complete the Annual Certification Report or Change and Activity Report Certification?

    When submitting your annual certification report or your change and activity reports (for profile changes and activities), the person who is authorized by your organization must certify the reports. Your authorized signer must be logged into the system and complete the report certification. It is up to your organization to determine who is designated as the authorized signer.

    The certification section of the report will be viewable when you trigger the report, but you will not be able to execute the certification until each section of the report has been completed (i.e., the progress bar for each section is green).

    Once all sections are marked complete, the authorized representative must log into the system, enter the required information in the certification section and select ‘Agree’ to complete the certification.

    Upon completion of the certification, the user can elect to ‘Submit to Freddie Mac’ or return to the report later to submit the report by clicking the ‘Submit to Freddie Mac’ button on the top right of the report summary page.

  6. Getting an ‘Invalid Signer’ Error When Trying to Complete Your Annual Certification Report of Change and Activity Report?

    The email address of the authorized representative entered in the certification section must be the email address that is used when establishing user access to Freddie Mac systems.

    If the local address component of the email address has changed, the user will not be able to certify the report. For example, if John Smith is authorized by your organization to certify reports submitted to Freddie Mac and is logged into UCount, and the email address used to establish user access [email protected] has been changed to [email protected], using [email protected] will return an ‘Invalid Signer’ error.

    To remedy this, the user can:

    1. Enter the email associated with the User ID, in this case [email protected]
    Log into Access Manager here.
    2. Select ‘Update My Profile.’
    3. Change the local address.
    4. Once the address is changed, the user can complete the certification using their current email address.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: For security purposes, users/administrators cannot change the domain of an email address associated with a User ID. For example, if the users email address changed from [email protected] to [email protected] or to [email protected], the user cannot change the email address associated with their user ID through Access Manager. In this case, the user will need to contact the Freddie Mac Customer Contact Support Center (800-FREDDIE) to submit a request to change the domain.

  7. Making Key Contact Updates?

    You will be able to update key contacts for your organization, if needed, through either the annual certification report or the change and activity report. Note that we will only be collecting information for ten contact roles for your organization (eight of these are required, as indicated below). Contacts with roles other than the ten noted below cannot be added:

    1. Chief Executive Office (required)
    2. Chief Financial Officer (required)
    3. Chief Operating Officer
    4. Chief Credit Officer (required)
    5. Chief Compliance Officer (required)
    6. President
    7. Primary Freddie Mac Contact (required)
    8. Document Custodian Contact (required)
    9. 404 Truth-In-Lending Contact (required)
    10. Major Beneficial Owner (required if ownership ≥ 50%)

    A single individual can be assigned to multiple roles, but a contact must be provided for each required role.

  8. Additional Clarifications for Fund Custodian Data Validation in the Annual Certification Report

    In the Funds Custodian section of the Annual Certification Report in Unified Counterparty Experience® (UCount®), we are pre-populating certain information related to the existing fund custodians with which your organization may have a relationship.

    You will see that the ‘Currently in Use’ column is populated with a ‘Yes’ for all relationships listed.

    Use the combination of the following columns in the Review Existing Fund Custodial Relationships sub-section to validate that the relationship(s) displayed are valid:

    • Depository Name
    • Account Type
    • ABA #
    • Seller/Servicer #


    A few things to consider:
    • If a relationship should be terminated, isn’t recognized or should be removed for some other reason, click the pencil icon in the ‘Action’ column for the applicable relationship and describe why the relationship should be removed.
    • If you need to add missing relationships, please use the Additional Funds Custodial Relationships sub-section to provide relevant details. Note: you will be required to submit a letter of agreement for each custodial account reported in this section.
    • If other details of existing relationships are inaccurate (e.g., ABA # or account type of an existing valid agreement), please use the pencil icon in the ‘Action’ column for the applicable relationship to indicate that the relationship is not valid, select a reason of ‘other’ and provide details in the comments (e.g. corrected ABA number).
  9. Getting a ‘Missing Mandatory Key Contacts’ Error?

    When marking the Key Contacts section of the report complete, the system will indicate if you are missing mandatory key contacts. At the top of the screen you can click on the ‘click here’ link and the key contact roles that are missing will be listed.

    Use the Edit Key Contacts section of the screen to enter a new individual for that role, or edit an existing contact to assign the additional role to them.

  10. How to Select Applicable Sections when Submitting Profile and Activity Changes?

    When you need to change any of your organization’s profile data or activities, you will submit a change and activity report. You can report changes to:

    • Identification-related information (Name changes that aren’t associated with organizational changes, changes to your address, fiscal year end date, diversity ownership or institution type)
    • Key organizational contact changes (see section above regarding key contact specifics)
    • Changes in parental relationships (that are not associated with organizational changes)
    • Activities as required per the Freddie Mac Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide.


    To report any of these types of changes, you must file a change and activity report. Here’s what to do:

    1. Identify the report type as ‘Profile Change and Activities’.
    2. When you select ‘start report’, you will be prompted to select the applicable information that you need to report.
    3. You only need to select the profile or activity components that need to be modified.
    • If, for example, you need to report a change in your fiscal year end date, you would only select the ‘identification’ section of the profile changes, then enter an effective date for the change and select ‘continue’.
    • If, on the other hand, you need to report a change in your fiscal year end date, your key contacts and report an activity, you would select the ‘identification’ section, the ‘key contacts’ section and the ‘Report various activities’ section, then select an effective date for the changes, then select ‘continue’.
    • Once all sections selected have been marked complete, you will need to have an authorized representative of your organization e-Sign the certification and then submit the report to Freddie Mac using the button at the top of the report summary page (similar to the Annual Certification Report).