Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae (the GSEs) announced on September 27, 2016 that the Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD) file will be required for all loans delivered to us with a Note Date on or after September 25, 2017. Lenders and technology solution providers should be actively preparing and testing their UCD files in preparation for their compliance with the mandate.

The GSEs are committed to helping lenders with their UCD transition by providing clear and accurate UCD requirements. With this announcement, the GSEs are updating and republishing the following:

  • The UCD Delivery Specification (Appendices H/I) to correct certain data points which could cause failure upon UCD file import. In response to feedback received from lenders and vendors, the GSEs have also added information to the delivery notes for several UCD data points to provide greater clarity. 
    • Please review/save the following updated version of Appendices H/I, available on each GSE’s respective UCD web page. Reference the "Read Me" and "Revision History" tabs for details.
  • Appendices H/I: UCD Delivery Specification(v1.4).
  • Appendix F: UCD Sample Use Cases.
  • Appendix G: UCD Sample XML Files.

Additionally, Appendices A/B have been removed from our UCD web pages to eliminate confusion. Lenders and technology solution providers should refer to Appendices H/I when creating the UCD file.

Per the guiding principles established under the Uniform Mortgage Data Program®, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae continue to align on data standards whenever possible. The UCD Delivery Specification published by each GSE is identical; therefore, the UCD XML file contains the same data points, enumerations, and conditionality. Please keep in mind, only the Borrower data and Closing Disclosure is required in the UCD file as of the mandate; Seller data will not be required for UCD until Q3 2018. 

NOTE: The GSEs do not intend to publish additional updates to the UCD Specification prior to the September 25, 2017 mandate.

Additional Information

The documents referenced in this announcement and other supporting materials are located on the GSEs' respective UCD web pages on and

If you have questions about the UCD, please contact your Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae representative.