Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae (the GSEs) continue to provide support and respond to customer feedback regarding adoption of the Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD). As lenders and technology solution providers are actively involved in UCD file preparations to meet the September 25, 2017 mandate, it is our goal to understand our customers' needs and simplify UCD adoption where possible. To address recent concerns, the GSEs are more closely aligning in several areas and thus providing a six-month relief from embedding the Closing Disclosure (PDF) within the UCD XML file. Details are included in this announcement along with information to further assist with your UCD implementation. 

As previously communicated, the GSEs will require the Borrower data and Closing Disclosure within the UCD XML file (i.e., either the Model form, or if using a Split Disclosure, the Borrower-only form). However, we recognize there are industry challenges in meeting the requirement to embed the Closing Disclosure PDF in the UCD XML file. As a result of customer feedback, the GSEs are providing a six-month transition period before enforcing this requirement. The requirement to embed the Closing Disclosure PDF in the UCD XML file will be fully enforced no earlier than April 2018

Each GSE's UCD collection system provides feedback messaging regarding whether an embedded Closing Disclosure PDF is provided; therefore, lenders are encouraged to submit the UCD XML file with the embedded PDF if you have the capability to do so. To support our customers, each GSE maintains a list of verified technology solution providers on their respective UCD web pages that can assist with the development of the UCD XML file, which includes embedding of the Closing Disclosure PDF.

NOTE: The GSEs continue to add verified technology solution providers to the lists on an ongoing basis, so check our web pages frequently. If you do not see your vendor listed, contact your vendor and encourage them to initiate the process with each of our respective technology integration teams.

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae have implemented independent collection solutions to support UCD file deliveries. However, the GSEs have aligned on a minimum set of UCD data points that will be required in order to ensure a successful submission as of September 25, 2017, which are noted below:

Joint GSE Data Points

  • DocumentType
  • DocumentTypeOtherDescription
  • LoanPurposeType
  • MIMETypeIdentifier*
  • ObjectEncodingType*

*Freddie Mac requires these data points when the Closing Disclosure form is embedded as a PDF in the XML file.

Joint GSE Container

  • DOCUMENT (at least one Borrower document)

In addition to these joint requirements above, each GSE has specific data points that are required for delivery via their unique collection solutions.

Freddie Mac Specific Data Points

  • LoanIdentifier (Lender Loan ID)
  • LoanIdentifier Type
  • ContainerDeal – Cardinality of 1
  • ContainerDealSet – Cardinality of 1
  • ContainerLoan – Cardinality of 1
  • Date Format Requirement: YYYY-MM-DD

Fannie Mae Specific Data Points 

  • AutomatedUnderwritingCaseIdentifier* (enter DU Casefile ID if underwritten by Desktop Underwriter® (DU®), otherwise enter the UCD Casefile ID)

    *If the DU Casefile ID does not exist, a UCD Casefile ID will be issued upon submission.

The list of required data points will evolve over time. For the full list of UCD data requirements, visit Freddie Mac's UCD page or Fannie Mae's UCD page.

Additional Information

The GSEs remain committed to supporting industry implementation of the UCD. Should you require assistance, please contact your account representative or submit your questions to our UCD mailboxes: [email protected]  and [email protected].