We’re introducing Total MI Reconciliations, the first tool of Total MISM suite that facilitates the tri-party workflow among mortgage insurance (MI) companies, Servicers, and Freddie Mac – resulting in better implementation of MI policies.

Total MI Reconciliations digitizes and simplifies the current process to verify MI details. The reconciliation process applies to all mortgage insurers with Freddie Mac loans that have private MI (newly funded or data corrections), and any Servicer when there are discrepancies identified by mortgage insurers as part of their reconciliation.

It’s a streamlined tri-party workflow with improved transparency and data quality. The tool is a product of industry collaboration to Reimagine Servicing® and improve risk management while and creating a seamless validation process.


  • The new tool improves the current tri-party process.
  • Reconciliation occurs bimonthly (every odd month).
  • Mortgage insurers and Servicers have the option to leverage a user interface and/or an application programming interface (API) to complete a reconciliation cycle.

How it Works

Total MI Reconciliations enables the following sequence:

  • A mortgage insurer receives a notification on the first business day of the reconciliation month and has 10 business days to complete the validation.
  • Freddie Mac reconciles the response.
  • If there are discrepancies, the Servicer receives a notification around the 11th business day and has 10 business days from that date to complete the validation
  • Any failed discrepancies will appear in a subsequent cycle as “re-check discrepancies.”

Getting Started

We’ll continue to enhance Total MI Reconciliations following an agile delivery method driven by client and partner insights. As new capabilities and other MI solutions go to market, we will be closer to the Total MI suite, and a more connected housing ecosystem.