The July 3, 2023 Freddie Mac Loan Advisor® in ECO® release brings a new dashboard and adds five new affordable fields to its Loan Quality Advisor® dashboard. Here’s a look at what’s new.

New Days Saved for R&W Relief Dashboard

Want to know how many days you’re saving on the loans you deliver to Freddie Mac that take advantage of the different representation and warranty relief (R&W) offerings? The new Days Saved for R&W Relief dashboard shows you exactly that – the reduced time from first application date to note date for loans with versus loans without the R&W relief offering. Find out how many days of cycle time you’re saving on the following offerings:

  • Collateral R&W relief
  • Income R&W relief
  • Asset R&W relief

Updates to Loan Quality Advisor Dashboard

The Loan Quality Advisor dashboard has five new affordable fields, offering you greater insight into your affordable loan business. The new fields include:

  • Rural Area Indicator
  • High Needs Rural Region Indicator
  • Accessory Dwelling Unit Income Submitted Indicator
  • Energy Improvement Amount
  • Alterations Improvements and Repairs Amount

Log into ECO to navigate to the new Days Saved for R&W dashboard and see the updates to its Loan Quality Advisor dashboard, or read the release notes to learn more.