Want to increase the number of condo projects you don’t need to fully underwrite anymore? A new capability in Condo Project Advisor® may enable you to do just that by giving you the ability to submit a project for Project Certified Review earlier in the loan origination process. This enhancement can jumpstart your condo originations and give you confidence in project eligibility earlier in the process.

Now Live: PCS without Loan Product Advisor® (LPASM) Key or Seller Loan Number

As of April 12, 2024, the Project Certified Submission (PCS) process in Condo Project Advisor no longer requires the submission of an LPA Key or Seller Loan Number at the time of PAR submission to request a PCS.

This means condo projects may be eligible to receive the Project Certified status through the PCS process even without the previously required data points.

How to get your 'Project Certified’ Status Feedback Certificate

If you receive the ‘Project Certified’ status for a condo project without an LPA Key or Seller Loan Number, you will not be able to download the feedback certificate for a specific loan.

In other words, you’ll have the benefit of an early view into project eligibility through Condo Project Advisor, and with a known project certified status, you can take advantage of the minimal project underwriting for loans secured by units within those projects while the project has the Project Certified status.

Once you receive the LPA Key or Seller Loan Number from LPA, you can submit a new PAR to download a ‘Project Certified’ status feedback certificate for a specific loan. You can quickly download the feedback certificate from the PAR Results Summary page or from the Project Assessment Results page directly from the table.

Access Training and Tutorials

For additional information on the PAR and PCS capabilities and benefits, and for quick access to on-demand videos, tutorials, references tools and live webinar opportunities, please review our Condo Project Advisor FAQs and training resources. Learn more about the PCS process, integration of notifications, Not Eligible status, as well as more features in Condo Project Advisor that can help bring ease, transparency, and confidence to your condo loan originations.

Not Using Condo Project Advisor? Get Started Today

If you’re not using Condo Project Advisor, we encourage you to do so. You’ll get insight into the eligibility of your condo loans earlier in the origination process. Ask your organization’s Access Manager administrator to get you access today – or if you’re an administrator, request access for your organization through Access Manager.