Fine tune your balance sheet and address the challenges of rising interest rates and changing market conditions by selling your seasoned loans to Freddie Mac. We offer a dependable, competitive source of liquidity for your mortgages sales. When you sell mortgages to us, you can choose from a variety of execution options that allow you to swap your loans for mortgage-backed securities or receive cash in exchange for your mortgages. If you're holding 1- and 2- unit single-family residential mortgages in your portfolio, or mortgages made to borrowers with low- and very low-incomes, talk to us about a bulk portfolio sale.

How to Complete a Bulk Portfolio Sale

Here's a brief overview of the process for completing a bulk portfolio sale. If you have an interest in securitizing loans in your portfolio or selling them for cash, contact your Freddie Mac representative.

Step 1: Prepare your loan data for submission.

  • Compile your loan data using the portfolio loan data spreadsheet found in the links to the right. You will import this data file through our secure online Portfolio Loan Data Submission Tool. Get started.
  • View our Portfolio Submission Data Set (link to the right) for an at-a-glance list of data fields that must be included in the Excel file. 

Step 2: Submit your portfolio loan data file to us through our Portfolio Loan Data Submission Tool.

The data you provide will be encrypted for secure transmission. If you have additional questions about using the secure Portfolio Data Submission Tool, please contact our Collateral Analysis Team at [email protected].

Click here to submit your portfolio loan data profile.

Step 3: Freddie Mac analyzes your data and discusses your sale objectives with you.

We'll analyze your loan data to determine if there are any ambiguities or missing information. Next, we'll call you to discuss the data you provided and speak with you about your goals, objectives, and timing for completing a bulk sale.

Step 4: Receive a bid presentation from Freddie Mac.

Once we've analyzed your loan data and structured a possible bulk portfolio sale to meet your objectives, we'll present you with a proposal. The proposal will describe the population of eligible loans in the transaction, the terms of our credit guarantee, how the loans could be pooled into securities, and the cash price for a sale of those loans or securities, if applicable.

Step 5: Deliver your loans to Freddie Mac.

If you accept the bid proposal, we'll then work with you on the delivery of those loans for a smooth and timely settlement of your transaction.