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Servicing Gateway FAQ


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  1. What is Servicing Gateway?
    Freddie Mac’s Servicing Gateway is an all-in-one portal that provides easy access to our servicing technology tools, many of which will be available via single sign-on. In addition, the Servicing Gateway provides quick navigation and a more customized user experience as servicing tools are grouped by function. As one of our core initiatives under Reimagine ServicingSM, the launch of Servicing Gateway is a momentous step towards many more innovative solutions.
  2. What are the key features and benefits of Servicing Gateway?
    • All in one – easy access to servicing tools, intuitive navigation, transparency.
    • Single sign-on for most Freddie Mac servicing tools – fewer logins.
    • Clear communication – system and news updates to keep you informed.
    • User preference – personalize alerts and views to make your day-to-day more efficient.
  3. What changed with Servicing Gateway?
    Aside from Servicing Gateway being a new portal from which you can access nearly all of Freddie Mac’s servicing tools, the previous Service Loans application was replaced by six different tools, each of which are accessible independently in Servicing Gateway. Tools are categorized in Servicing Gateway by function/category to help you get to what you need faster. See details in the Service Loans application section below.
  4. Am I required to use Servicing Gateway?
    Yes. As of December 9, 2019, Servicing Gateway is the only way to access most Freddie Mac servicing tools. Certain tools, however, may continue to have a separate URL (i.e., Attorney Data Reporting, BPODirect®) but are still accessed via Servicing Gateway.
  5. How will Servicing Gateway make my life easier?
    Client insights revealed that Servicers have desired a seamless and consistent digital experience. Servicing Gateway offers this to Servicers, and more. Previously, you accessed our tools through different URL access points to perform a task. Servicing Gateway is one platform, one login, and one access point so you can toggle between most of your servicing tools with less operational pain points. In addition, you can get to what you need faster with simple navigation and functional categorization of the tools.


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  1. How do I receive access to Servicing Gateway?
    Servicers use the same credentials (user IDs and passwords) that were used prior to the launch to access the tools available through Servicing Gateway – you simply need to enter them one time instead of entering separately for most tools. Your access to our servicing tools remains unchanged.
    For new users, the tools within Servicing Gateway are available in Freddie Mac Access Manager for administrators to provision access to any new users and to change access permissions for existing users. For Servicers who do not use Access Manager, fill out/submit the associated access request forms, which are available on the respective tool web pages on
  2. How do I log into Servicing Gateway?
    Visit the Servicing Gateway web page (or any of the tool web pages) and click the “Login” button. Enter your  credentials, then Servicing Gateway will display all the tools to which you have access. Servicers are encouraged to bookmark the URL ( for your convenience.
  3. Can I access all Freddie Mac servicing tools in the Servicing Gateway?
    The majority of the servicing tools you use regularly are accessible from within the Servicing Gateway. These include (by category):
    • Investor Reporting
      • Cash Manager*
      • Loan Level Reporting*
      • Servicing Transfer Manager*
    • Reporting Insights
      • Servicer Performance Profile
    • Data Corrections
      • Post-Fund Data Correction Tool
      • Servicing Data Corrections
    • Non-performing Loans
      • Attorney Data Reporting System
      • BPODirect®
      • EDR*
      • Default Fee Appeal System
      • Foreclosure Sale Reporting*
      • Payments Automated Intelligent and Dynamic (PAID)
      • Real Estate Valuation and Pricing*
      • Workout Prospector®
    *Indicates new tools (previously part of Service Loans application) that are standalone tools in Servicing Gateway. See details in the Service Loans application section below.
  4. Which tools in the Servicing Gateway are accessible via single sign-on?
    All of the tools listed in the prior FAQ are available in Servicing Gateway via single sign-on capability, except for the following:
    • Attorney Data Reporting System
    • BPODirect
    The URLs for these three tools do not redirect to Servicing Gateway; however, they are accessible from within Servicing Gateway. You need to enter your user credentials separately. We plan to make these tools accessible using single sign-on.
  5. What about the tools I do not use? Will I see those in Servicing Gateway?
    Servicing Gateway was designed to provide transparency on servicing technology. For the tools you do not have access to in Servicing Gateway, we provide a corresponding “Learn More” button beside each tool name. This button links to our Single-Family website where you can view information about that solution and determine whether it’s something you should request from your access administrator.
  6. How do new users receive access to Servicing Gateway?
    New users do not need to request access to Servicing Gateway. Instead, they will need to request access to individual servicing tools.
    • Access Manager: Your Freddie Mac Access Manager Executive Administrator may provision access to authorized users of the tools available through Servicing Gateway, each of which are listed in Access Manager .
    • Non-Access Manager: Users can request access to the six new tools (previously Servicing Loans application) by completing the Servicing Tool Request Form; other tools will continue to use the same request forms as today. Freddie Mac will respond to a Servicer’s request for access within 48 business hours.
    Reference Guide Exhibit 88 (Servicing Tools) for additional details on this topic.
  7. What browser should I use for Servicing Gateway?
    Reference the Servicing Gateway system requirements help center topic for details on which browser(s) to use.

Service Loans Application

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  1. What happened to the Service Loans application?
    In an effort to help Servicers work more efficiently, we replaced the Service Loans application with six different tools, each of which are accessible independently in Servicing Gateway. The tools include: Cash Manager, Loan Level Reporting, Servicing Transfer Manager, Foreclosure Sale Reporting, Real Estate Valuation and Pricing and EDR. In addition to aligning with modern digital standards, having each of these tools available independently allows Servicers to get to the tools they need faster, and reduce the steps it takes to complete a task.
  2. How do I receive access to the six new tools?
    Your current user access credentials and permitted roles for the various functions within Service Loans application were automatically transitioned to the newly created servicing tools for those functions on December 9, 2019. The tools within Servicing Gateway (including the six new tools) are in Access Manager for administrators to provision access to new users.
  3. Did any functions change with the transition to Servicing Gateway?
    Your experience using the new tools is consistent with the functions in the previous Service Loans application. There are a couple of changes to Loan Level Reporting to be aware of:
    • Set User Context’ was removed to simplify how you transact with multiple Seller/Servicer numbers.
    • ‘Cycle Loans’ was removed in Loan Level Reporting as well as EDR, but you can use ‘Import Loans’ or ‘Single Loan Activity’ to report loan-level activity.
  4. Since the Cycle Loans function was removed from Loan Level Reporting and EDR, what should I do instead?
    There are easier, more efficient ways to report loan-level activity. Refer to the following options:
    • Enter Single Loan Activity: Enter loan activity one-at-a-time. A good option for just a few loans.
    • Import Loan Activity: For single loan or bulk loan uploads. This option allows you automate your steps and avoid manual entry errors.
    • Customize a template so you can set it and forget it.
    Learn more about these options in the Import Loans Reference Guide.


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  1. Did anything change about how I access my Scorecard?
    The Servicer Performance Profile was moved under Servicing Gateway, so you need to go through Servicing Gateway to get to your Scorecard and Manager Series reports. The Servicer Performance Profile is one of the many tools that are accessible via single sign-on, allowing you to toggle between tools easily within Servicing Gateway.
  2. Where is the Exclusionary List?

    The Freddie Mac Exclusionary List (eList), which was previously available in Service Loans application, will be available here on the Single-Family website or from within Servicing Gateway. If you require access to eList please contact your Access Manager administrator.

  3. What’s changing about the Post-Fund Data Corrections tool?
    The Post-Fund Data Correction Tool was added to Servicing Gateway, creating a new user experience for both Sellers and Servicers. As it’s one of the single sign-on tools, Servicers can toggle between the Post-Fund Data Correction Tool and other tools in Servicing Gateway. Sellers are also routed through Servicing Gateway to get to Post-Fund Data Corrections; however, it should be the only tool listed for them under the My Tools tab.


  1. Is training available?
    Yes, check out the Servicing Gateway and Tools Overview tutorial. Additional training and resources are available on the Servicing Gateway Learning page.
  2. Who do I contact for questions?
    If you have questions about using the Servicing Gateway, reach out to your servicing account representative or call the Customer Support Contact Center at 800-FREDDIE.